Duck Tales # 8 Review

This month, Scrooge has the daunting task of finding someone to replace him at work while he goes on his globe trotting adventures while the nephews must deal with a sleep walking Dewey who dreams of fighting dragons. How will they solve these mysteries or re-write history this time ? Find out as we review Duck Tales #8


The Beast in the Board Room!


This adventure starts off with Scrooge dealing with his Business Board informing them that Manny the Man Horse will be taking over business related duties whenever Scrooge is off on treasure hunting adventures. Manny is the first of Scrooge’s rehabilitated enemies as the buzzards have to learn how to deal with this new employee and his lack of vocal communication.

Scrooge soon informs Launchpad that the only reason he hired Manny was to directly annoy the buzzards for trying to get rid of him on numerous occasions. Things however do not go according to plan as Manny manages to befriend the board angering Scrooge enough to get him to return to get his company back from the villainous horse.


Sleep (Walk) of Doom!


The second adventure starts off with a lackluster dream that Dewey has involving the Pharaoh monster from the episode The Living Mummies from Thoth-Ra

The others soon wake him up as Dewey complains about all his dreams not being exciting, wanting a real adventure. Webby , meanwhile reads up on a coin that Dewey and Louie found in the attic, it is revealed to be a coin from the legendary Dream Dragon. Dewey secretly swipes one half of the coin. Later that night, Webby and the other two nephews are awoken by strange noises.


They find Dewey sleep walking, well more specifically sleep fighting as he is under the curse of the Dream Dragon coin as the coin ensnares one in deep sleep to fight against the trapped dragon, if he loses, the Dragon will enter the real world and destroy it.



This is easily the weakest Duck Tales issue so far, the stories were very predictable and didn’t fill my itch for more adventures that the other issues have filled to this point. The first issue brought back a beloved villain from the Duck Tales pilot but the execution was poor due to the filler material in the middle of the issue.

The second story was originally going to be about Webby and Lenna but mysteriously it was swiped with another  story about a sleepwalking Dewey, while the idea of a Dream Dragon was interesting, it honestly didn’t interest me in the end.

Hopefully Duck Tales #9 will bring us better adventures but honestly I could just be burnt out since Duck Tales has been the only Disney IDW comic being released in months due to delays.

RATING 6 out of 10



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