Disneyland Paris Pirates And Princesses Parade – Review

The new “Pirates And Princesses” season has kicked off at Disneyland Paris. As a way of getting an insight into the season I’ve taken a look at the parade and put together some thoughts about what I think worked and what I think could use a little attention next year.  I’ve embedded the video below so you can watch it before we dive on in.

Princess Side

The princess side of the parade opens with some of the dancers doing a neat little dance routine in front of the parade floats. They are followed by Ariel in her Stars & Cars float with a new – updated – dress. I like the additions of the flowers on the bottom of her sleeves and on the side of the car. It really adds a proper spring feeling.

Following Ariel is a large float with some of the other princesses waving to the crowd. I love that we’re getting some more recent Disney Princess additions like Moana and Tiana! I always love it when the Princesses get a new look but a couple of them I’m really not keen on.  Moana and Rapunzel’s dresses in particular are fantastic because I think the styling and detailing are great. Whereas, Snow White and Belles dresses fall very flat for me. I think the material make the dress look like cheese. Mickey is also on the float along with some back-up dancers. Mickey looks super cute in his new pirate costume. It’s a great costume.

To me this float looks like a re-theme of the previous Mickey Magic On Parade float but I can’t say for sure. I do love it though! The echo of the main street gazebo is wonderful and I’m really into the unifying flower look. The roof of the ‘gazebo’ in particular looks great.

The princess float is followed dancers doing a cute routine in some pretty great costumes. And, well, as far as the parade floats go that’s it! That seems to be your lot. I was expecting at least another float but i suppose the parade does have two sides to it. And that can’t exactly be cheap.

The parade stops in front of a specially constructed stage on main street hub. It makes sense to use this rather than the Castle stage because it gives you a 360 audience allowing more people to see it. However, sometimes th shows performed on the castle stage instead which just seems confusing to me.

The princesses are lead from the float by Mickey up onto the stage which is pretty fun. They do some dancing and then a couple of them exit the stage and are replaced by some of the newer princesses as a change up. Some bouncy music kicks in and they dance to the routine that DLP released a while back for the princesses. I don’t particularly like the song but I get what it’s doing. It’s catchy, easy to sing along to, I just don’t think it’s got the punch of some of the other parade songs.

The characters all exit, get back on their respective parade floats to wave at the audience and the floats basically drive back up the parade route.

Pirate Side

The pirate boat float that opens the other side of the parade is super fun. It’s covered in pirate cast members along with Peter and Wendy in new costumes. On the part of the characters the co-orography seems to be very muted on this side of the parade. To be blunt I really hate Peters new outfit. The different shades of green do not work for me at all and just look silly.

There’s another float  designed like a pirate gallon! Hook, Smee and Minnie are on board which is a pretty fun set of characters to have together. I like the colors and the general float design on this – simple, but super effective. Jake is driving the smaller float which I think is a cute touch. I think this is the first time we’ve seen Jake in DLP so that’s always fun even if I’ve never seen the cartoon he’s in.

Like the princess version the parade stops in front of a specially constructed stage on main street hub. Minnie and the pirates head up on to the stage with Jake in tow.The pirates are lead from the float by Minnie up onto the stage and are joined by Jake the Pirate to do a dance routine. It looks like the one released by DLP a while back. I think that both routines are pretty complex! Various characters move on and off the stage including Peter, Wendy and Hook. The variation the pirates seem to get character wise is quite fun.

Like the princesses once the routine is over the characters all exit, get back on their respective parade floats to wave at the audience and the floats basically drive back up the parade route.

Overall Thoughts

I love the concept of the parade as literally having to ‘pick a side’. That’s fun and really adds a different element to it. I also think it’s great they’ve gone all out on some new costumes and a couple of new floats. The execution is fine with the dance routine and all. Even if I still think that the dance routine is a bit complex for most. To be honest? It’s not overly exciting but, well, I’m not exactly the intended audience which is fine. I think it’s perfectly serviceable for what it is – especially in year one.

It’s fun to see Disneyland Paris bring something new to their audience – even if I do still miss Swing Into Spring. Part of me does wonder, however, whether this will play very well to an adult audience. I guess the thing is that this time of year with holidays and all it does make sense to cater to a younger audience. And, well, you do have to take this parade as part of a greater whole.

I enjoyed it. However, just don’t feel that it’s as polished as some of DLPS previous offerings. I will certainly be looking for some tidying up and additions next year. Here’s hoping!


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