LEGO Juniors The Incredibles 2 Sets Out Now

Disney have released three new LEGO Junior sets based on the Incredibles 2, which are priced from $22.95 and available at retailers including

Here is a look at the details of the three new Incredibles LEGO sets:

The Great Home Escape Playset $34.95

They can recreate the excitement of Incredibles 2 with this Great Home Escape Playset. The LEGO Juniors set features a house facade, moving fireplace with secret control panel, waterfall with capture function, a pool area, plus a buildable car.
  • 178 pieces
  • Includes three minifigures: Violet, Dash and Brick, plus a Jack-Jack figure
  • Features a house facade and wall with Quick Start baseplate, opening door, moving fireplace with control panel and a waterfall with a closing door
  • Includes a pool section with umbrella and ladder, and a lounge chair with catapult function
  • Also includes a car with a Quick Start chassis and removable catapult
  • Slide the fireplace to access the secret control panel
  • Fire bricks at the house with Brick’s catapult
  • Launch the Jack-Jack fireball at Brick’s car to slow her down
  • Trap Brick in the indoor waterfall by closing the door
  • Accessory elements include a force shield, water pistol, skateboard, The Incredibles’ phone, remote control, juice carton, hollow fireball, flotation device and six brick elements

Underminer Bank Heist Playset $28.95

They can recreate the excitement of Incredibles 2 with this thrilling Underminer Bank Heist Playset. The LEGO Juniors set features a bank vault with breakaway door, Incredibile
vehicle, Tunneler machine, and spinning drill bits.
  • 149 pieces
  • Includes three minifigures: Mrs. Incredible, Mr. Incredible and Underminer
  • Features a bank vault with breakaway door and a street scene with brick wall, wanted poster and a buildable streetlamp
  • Also includes two vehicles: an Incredibile with Quick Start chassis and a Tunneler machine with Quick Start chassis and spinning drill bits
  • Spin the drill bits on the Tunneler machine and ram the vault door to break into the bank vault
  • Haul off the money bills and loot with the hand truck
  • Accessory elements include two money bills, two gold bar elements, diamond element, golden nugget, loot sack, trashcan, soda can, stick and a hand truck

Elastigirl’s Rooftop Pursuit Playset $22.95

  • 95 pieces
  • Includes two minifigures: Screenslaver and Elastigirl with extended arm elements
  • Features a rooftop build with billboard, satellite dish, antenna, helipad, and a turbine obstacle with spinning propeller
  • Also includes a helicopter with Quick Start chassis, spinning hypno-propeller and opening cockpit, plus Elastigirl’s Elasticycle
  • Dodge the turbine’s spinning propeller on the Elasticycle while you chase after Screenslaver
  • Swing from Elastigirl’s billboard and grab the helicopter with her extended arms
  • Accessory elements include a laptop computer and a tracking device


These are out now at retailers including


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