Cafe Mickey Menu Change

Cafe Mickey has recently reopened its doors as an up-market character dining experience with a new menu to match. You can check the new menu here but it certainly presents a very different side to the restaurant. In one quick change it’s now on the same tier as Auberge and Inventions when it comes to character dining but, perhaps, very family centered.

It’s certainly an interesting choice on the part of Disneyland Paris. The food isn’t quite a total overhaul from the previous menu but it’s taken up a notch. It totally fits with the rummer  that Cafe Mickey would go for Italian food and that’s exactly what’s happened. And Italian food is pretty well liked so it seems like a safe bet.

But, without a bit of work, I don’t know how well Cafe Mickey is going to compete. I mean, sure, it’s pretty nicely themed and it’s in a great area. It also dosen’t hurt that the village doesn’t have any direct Disney competition. But, well, the theming needs a tidy up – it’s a bit tiered. And inside the restaurant has always been quite loud and super cramped. The space between the tables is no way enough. I’ve enjoyed my visits in the past but the character interactions are fleeting.

Which is not great when your paying these, quite inflated, prices. The menu does seem to be a step up from Cafe Mickeys previous iteration and it’s quite a safe menu for the most part with some, quite strange, flourishes. I mean, I think sometimes they’re just adding things to justify the price tag or to make it seem fancier than it actually is. I think, probably, this is all just for that price tag!

I’m quite a fussy eater at the best of times but there is definitely stuff on there I’d eat. There’s some really good pasta options. A lot of the menu is taken up by pizza – and some pretty weird versions of pizza to be fair – but pizza is pretty safe. The kids menu is a good shout as well – lots of fairly safe choices that kids are likely going to get on okay with.

How will it compete?

I just don’t know, in this price range, how/if the restaurant is going to compete with other character dining experiences offered in the parks. It’s now in a similar price range to Auberge and Inventions which means that, in theory, it’s got to be just as good. But, as it stands, I don’t think it is. I’ve never been a fan of the food in Auberge. But the food in inventions is stellar – and wider ranging than this new menu. You also have the issue of character appearances. Traditionally Cafe Mickey has been limited to the fab five in the past with some rare random characters.

Now, that’s been fine in the past when your not paying that sort of money. But now? I’d be expecting a more varied line up like you get in Inventions. Not that Cafe Mickey has strictly been the fab five but it absolutely can’t be now. Sure, you could argue that because it’s in the village that it holds a separate audience from the character dining experiences in the park. However, that doesn’t fully wash for me. The village is mainly Disney Park guests who are going to know whats on offer elsewhere on site. Part of Cafe Mickey’s appeal in the past was the price which, well, now dosen’t apply.

Final Thoughts

I’m delighted to see the characters back in Cafe Mickey. And It’s a good menu. I just hope that they’re remembering that they are going to need to step up the game at Cafe Mickey to make it worth the entry cost. However, I love seeing Disneyland Paris making an effort with the village and I am excited to visit.


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