Star Wars Adventures #9 Review

Issue #9 features two different stories, “Troubled Stories” and “Dispatches From Wild Space”, all in a more casual fun style, similar to what you might find on a Saturday morning cartoon or weekend comic book.

“Troubled Stories” features a nice adventure featuring R2-D2 and C3PO, who are trying to track down a rogue droid who is working undercover for the Empire.  I really enjoyed this story and the art style of the two droids is lots of fun.

“Dispatches From Wild Space” sees a tale involving the Bounty Hunter IG-88, who was tracking down some small aliens and stopping them from escaping.  This was another fun little story that makes IG-88 look menacing but without being too threatening, since the gang it was trying to capture, felt more like a bunch of kids, so it gives it much more of a connection to younger readers.

The artwork for the comic book is very simplistic but it works perfectly as a its bright and colorful, without too much detail.  It’s very different to the artwork on the Marvel Star Wars titles but its perfect for the target audience.


Another solid issue from IDW and a refreshing take on Star Wars, giving younger fans a more fun feel.  It’s got two nice stories and I enjoyed reading it, but it won’t blow any older fans away.

REVIEW SCORE:  7 out of 10


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