Uncle Scrooge #34 Review

It’s time to celebrate Scrooge McDuck’s 70th birthday with this special issue showcasing two stories having to do with the occasion. The first one is an epic from 2017 about a wishing crown and its consequences while the second one deals with Donald’s debt once more. Let’s dive on in

The Wonderful Wishing Crown

From 2017’s  Topolino ( Italy) # 3238

W:Vito Stabile   A: Alessandro Perina


The story starts off 500 years in the past as a Spanish pirate ship sets sail for an island named Arruga, home of the legendary Wishing Crown. The two are after it since they want to prove their ex-crew wrong, having found the tortoise shell shaped cave, enters within to try and find the crown.

The two decide to dive in a puddle of mystical water to press the button underneath to reveal the crown. However, their greed soon gets them turned to gold thanks to the curse associated with the water, imprisoning them forever. The story cuts to modern times where Scrooge is grouchier than ever, since it is his birthday.

He believes no one willingly celebrates a birthday without something in return as his butler informs him that Donald and his great nephews have arrived to invite him to come along with them on the search for the Crown shown earlier in the story. Scrooge refuses at first due to his beliefs that the crown does not even exist but when he hears that the Woodchucks would predict it is a 98% rate of success, he changes his mind.


Scrooge and the gang soon make it to the island thanks to the latest invention of Gyro Gearloose as the nephews discover the Crown, which was still exposed thanks to the trap. Donald also discovers the two frozen pirates. Scrooge wants to take them back but the nephews warn him that the statues will become alive again once exposed to sunshine.

Huey also tells Scrooge that there is a tax on the wishes of the crown, only one per person to prevent greed, this causes Scrooge to wish Donald and the nephews to be removed so he could have all of his wishes.

Scrooge soon decides to save his family, he must push the pirates out of the cave to free them so that one of the pirates could wish Donald and the nephews back into existence. Apparently the pirates are good at math since they figured out they froze in time for 500 years through calculations. However Scrooge soon finds that the pirates have no intention to help him out so Scrooge must run for his life with the mystical Crown.

How will Scrooge bring back his beloved nephews and get himself out of this mess, read the full issue to find out


Till Debt Do Us Part

From 1982’s Donald Duck Weekblad #42 (Netherlands)

W and A : Dann Jippes 


Donald tries once again to loan some money in this short story, but eventually the nephews eventually tell him to focus on his own collection as Donald decides to take a dive in his collection of comic books instead.

I am honestly not sure what this short story was meant to celebrate back in 1982 since it is rare to see Disney comics within Disney comics. Maybe some big Disney fan could tell me in the comments.



This is a great issue of Uncle Scrooge since I love stories where Uncle Scrooge worries about his family whenever he sacrifices them or betrays them for a great deal of fortune then feels guilty and does no matter what to get them back. It shows that Uncle Scrooge has a heart somewhere in there.

The art is great and colourful with some great expressions from Scrooge and the Captain, it is also a great length taking up most of the issue. This issue is a  perfect way to celebrate Scrooge’s 70th  anniversary. If you are looking to share the exploits of Scrooge with your children or other Disney fans, be sure it is this issue since it shows the best qualities of Scrooge’s adventures from the past 70 years.


RATING :  9 out of 10


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  • That Daan Jippes story was originally made for Dutch fanzine Striprofiel issue n:o 4/1977. Dunno if it is celebrating anything specifically. Original name “Met gelijke munt”.

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