Alien: Descent VR Experience Coming To Southern California

Fox is bringing its “Alien: Descent” Virtual Reality experience to the Outlets Mall in Southern California on April 26th.  The experience is priced at $22 each and lasts around 15 minutes. Teams of four get to play as an elite squad of Colonial Marines tasked with investigating a distress signal sent from a mining outpost.

Players get to free roam around the experience with wireless headsets and incorporates physical cues for better immersion, with movemen tracked with special motion sensors attached to players’ arms and legs.

“Alien: Descent” has been produced by Pure Imagination Studios and FoxNext Destinations.

“VR attractions bring together immersive entertainment with social experiences that can’t be replicated in the living room,” said FoxNext president Salil Mehta in a statement. “The rich storytelling opportunities in the Alien universe makes it a perfect fit for cutting-edge destination entertainment. Plus, who doesn’t want to battle Xenomorphs and save the world?”

Fox is planning on bringing the experience to other locations soon.



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