Avengers #689 Review

The No Surrender storyline comes to an end in the Avengers #689, as the weekly series comes to big fight finish as all the heroes are now defending the planet from the Challenger and the Grandmaster.

This is one heck of an issue as it’s full of action and brings a natural finish to a story I’ve been following for months. I found it interesting how the final battles with both elders were handled so differently.

The Challenger required all the Avengers to unite with their “hero” positive thinking, with a huge help from the Voyager, who certainly looks to have become a new major character, which should be fun to see evolve from here on out, unless they sunset her after this run, which would be a shame as it’s been a standout debut and really pushed her as a new strong female hero, which the Marvel universe always needs.

While the other battle with the Grandmaster, was much more fitting to his character and it all ends with a simple game of poker with Wonder Man, which on one hand, was a disappointment since we didn’t see a big fight, but with the Challenger filling that itch, I liked how he lost and returned the world to the status quo. It was simple but effective.  And fitted the Grandmaster’s character, while also being the ultimate sacrifice from Wonder Man.

I loved the weekly aspect, since it kept the story fresh in my mind, but freezing the core Avengers felt like a mistake, since ultimately that’s who I was interested in and the first few frames of this issue proved that as we see Spider-Man, Daredevil and more in action.


Avengers 689 is a nice ending, it has all the trademark moments, sacrifice and team work, but there wasn’t anything that original or groundbreaking. While we still have one more issue of this series to go, it doesn’t feel like it went anywhere since it’s all gone back to normal.

REVIEW SCORE:  8 out of 10

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