Marvel Legends Infinity Gauntlet Review

Hasbro have released a huge 19 1/2-inch long Infinity Gauntlet Articulated Electronic Fist from the Marvel Legends Series.   It has sound effects when the fingers and thumb move and also has light up Infinity Stones.

And when I say its huge, its massive, check out the unboxing video below, where you can really see the scale of it and hear the sound effects in action.

I will once again mention the size, because its huge, as I said in the unboxing video, my arm was aching from the weight of it and isn’t for young collectors, since I struggled to reach over with my thumb to operate the thumb, so if you have small hands, it might be a little tough to use.

Here is a look at the packaging:

This Gauntlet is so big, I couldn’t fit it into my usual photo booth area, so its worth making sure you have the space for it before purchasing it.   It also doesn’t come with the batteries needed to make the sound effects and light up the Infinity Stones.

The other great thing is that you can stand it upright, either with the fingers extended or closed in a grip (there is a button on the front that locks the fingers into place), which just instantly took me back to the display in Odin’s Vault in the movie.  This is very much a collectors piece for display, rather than for playing it.

Here is a closer look at this Infinity Gauntlet:

Each of the lights really stand out against the Infinity Gauntlet when its lit up or without being turned on, though of course they are much more impressed when they are turned on.

There is also some great detail in the fingers, especially with the way that they move, because they have the same amount of joints as a human finger, it just looks more realistic when they are moving and add to the effect when its being used.  I’m sure plenty of Cosplay outfits are going to be using this piece for years to come.

This Infinity Gauntlet isn’t cheap, but its much cheaper than the deluxe version from Hot Toys, but there are alternatives out there for younger Marvel fans who just want to play, since this is meant for display or cosplay/costumed.  And I think Hasbro have got this product just right, its got that “wow” factor that just keeps giving me a huge grin on my face, every time I look at it.


I am extremely happy with this Infinity Gauntlet, it is completely over the top and totally unnecessary, but I love it!  If you want a centerpiece for your collection, this is it.

REVIEW SCORE: 9 out of 10

You can purchase this Marvel Legends Infinity Gauntlet from Amazon and Entertainment Earth.


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