Avengers #690 Review

Avengers #690 is the final issue of the “No Surrender” storyline, which acts like the final few scenes of a movie, as now the threat has been neutralized and all the characters get to met together, have a few touching moments before separating, the villains get a little side scene, showing they could be back and finally just leaving everything back the way it was.

This issue has some nice little moments between the heroes, such as seeing Jarvis at the Avengers Mansion and talk of rebuilding it.    I also enjoyed the scene between Bruce Banner and Hawkeye, which had that typical stereotype view of Bruce Banner walking away on his own.

There are some scenes where we see the Scarlet Witch mourning the loss of her brother, Quicksilver, with her friends saying they are going to go off and find him, since they don’t believe he is gone.  Which seemed fine, then there was an advert showing a spin-off series based on Quicksilver, which just felt like it completely threw any build up to the reveal.

If you have been dipping in and out of the No Surrender story, this issue feels unnecessary, but if you’ve been following it every week, its a nice solid issue to end the story arc off on a high note and worth reading.  Plus with the reboot of the Avengers series coming next month, it feels like they’ve given us proper closure on this story.  Especially as the team start splintering off back into their own groups or individually.

I really liked how they left the Voyager, she has done everything needed to be an Avenger, but she doesn’t feel ready.  I’m sure we will see more from this character soon as this has been a great introduction to this new strong female character.


This is a good finish to the series, its been a blast reading this story each week and wish Marvel did this more often.   On its own, it might not be amazing, but as part of the larger story, this was an enjoyable read and finishes off the “No Surrender” story with a good note.

REVIEW SCORE:  7 out of 10

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