Top Ten Disneyland Paris Rides

Steve over at Dedicated to DLP on his most recent podcast was discussing his favorite rides at Disneyland Paris.  So, I thought it might be fun if I put a list together myself. Naturally, this is all subjective and just because I rank one way doesn’t mean a thing – it’s all personal preference. But it might give you a good insight into the best rides on offer at Disneyland Paris and what each of them has in store. I’ve chosen to keep it to just Park Disneyland but I’m going to do a separate list for the Studios. This is to give some of the rides in the studios a farer shout because otherwise I think few of them would make this list. So, without further adieu: my top ten Disneyland Paris rides.

Top Ten Disneyland Paris Rides


  1. Phantom Manor is the best ride in Disneyland Paris. Yes, It’s in need of some updates – which it’s getting – but as an overall, total, experience I think it can’t be beaten. It’s got a unique story that really helps build the town of Thunder Mesa and give it life. The Manor itself is gorgeously designed with every single element perfectly controlled. From the moment you approach the gate you know your in for a very different kind of experience. The line is wonderful, the music is note perfect throughout, the set design fantastic. It delivers thrills, chills, and genuine delight. I honestly don’t think there’s a better designed ride in the park or one that’s so involving. For me, it’s a master class in visual storytelling and one it would be very hard to beat.
  2. Pirates Of The Caribbean is an amazingly designed ride but my real fondness is the association I have with one of my best experiences in the park. It was about five minutes to closing, me and my friend had just finished eating a fantastic meal at what was then Blue Lagoon. We ran round for one last go on pirates and where treated amazingly by the staff. We got a boat to ourselves and sang ‘yo-ho’ the whole way round before being walked to Main Street by a cast member. The ride itself has some of the most amazing and intricate theming you will ever come across in a Disney park. From the second you enter the area everything is so geared towards setting you up for that experience. From the lights, to the temperature, to the smell. Pirates is pure Disney storytelling at it’s best. The improved effects mean that your kept longer in the experience and it feels ever more seamless than it ever had. It’s also one of the best all age thrill-type rides – there are more than a couple of drops and the theming itself can be quite sinister.
  3. Big Thunder Mountain comes in on this list just below two of the most iconic Disneyland Paris attractions. I think Big Thunder Mountain is arguably the best roller-coaster on the resort. No, it’s not the one that has the most thrill elements or the most surprising twists and turns. But I think it combines all the elements  you need – great effects, great theming, fantastic design – with a genuinely thrilling coaster. If you like more thrill based rides then I think this is the one. I know that for a lot of fans would probably rank this higher but, for me, it doesn’t quite reach the heights of my top two choices.
  4. Star Tours is my favorite ride in discovery-land and one of those I make a point to ride every trip. I think the wait line is wonderful and filled with so many cute nods to the franchise. While the ride mechanism is pretty simple I think the story itself is told with such a wonderful sense of humor. After the upgrade I also love the randomization meaning your never riding the same Star-tours if you jump on it again meaning that I never tire of it.
  5. Peter Pan’s Flight is my favorite dark ride and looks absolutely amazing after it’s renovation. I love the uniqueness of the track system and the scenes over London are absolutely breathtaking. The changes to the lighting have made all the difference to the ride experience. I think the ride design is beautiful and filled with so many lovely details. It’s a low-key ride thrill wise but absolutely magical.
  6. It’s A Small World  is an iconic ride that doesn’t seem to get a lot of love. Yes, the songs repetitive but you know what? The ride is joyful, and fun, and light and relaxing. It’s got so many details to notice every time you go round. The animatronics and the costumes are wonderful. As a kid I hated it but as an adult? I can appreciate it’s unique history and charm. It’s a Disney theme park classic and the one in DLP is a just wonderful iteration of it.
  7. Buzz Lightyears Lazar Blast is a whole lot of fun. I think it’s the competitive element that really drives this ride for me. It’s super interactive and I enjoy testing my score against others. The ride needs some maintenance – the guns aren’t always the best – but it’s a whole lot of fun. Despite the fact I always look super serious in the ride photos! Yes, it’s not Toy Story Mania but I still love it a whole lot.
  8. Indiana Jones is a pretty great roller coaster. Now, I know it’s not the most unique of them but I enjoy it a lot. Especially riding at night which adds something a little extra. It’s fun, it’s thrilling, and I always make a point to go on it at least once a trip. You have some pretty fun loops and some great drops. There’s a lot to like about this ride if you enjoy thrill stuff. And while it doesn’t even touch Space Mountain for theming it bothers my stomach way less.
  9. Alice’s Curious Labyrinth is a Disneyland Paris staple. While it’s not something I do every trip I associate it so closely with the park because it’s unique. It’s a pretty simple attraction but one that looking absolutely stunning after it’s current renovation. I also love the ride because the views of the park you can get from the queen of hearts castle are second to none.
  10. Casey Junior is perhaps not the most obvious choice for this list. But, I actually love it. I rode it for the first time last year and found it utterly, utterly, charming. The design is lovely, the views from the train are great, and it’s a fantastic way to spend some time in Disneyland Paris. I think it’s a really overlook gem.



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