Avengers: Infinity War Marvel Collector Corps Review

Funko’s latest Marvel Collector Corps subscription box is based on Avengers: Infinity War, so features a number of exclusive items based on the newest Marvel movie.

Check out my unboxing video below:

This will be the final subscription box sold via Funko directly, as the box will soon be sold through Amazon, so this might be the last of this type.

Here is a look at the full contents of the box:

This box’s main item is the Thanos with Sanctuary 2 Pop Ride! which is huge, its easily worth the price of the box alone and will be a centerpiece of any Pop collection.  Though if you’ve already purchased a Thanos Pop already, this might be less appealing, but I love it.

This box also contains two Key Caps, featuring Thanos and Spider-Man, these are pretty big.  So big, that the majority of my keys won’t fit properly, though the ones that did now looks a little more “MARVELous”!   This is a nice little add on and while its just a filler, its at least a usable item.  ** These key caps are different for each box.

This box comes with a nice basic Infinity Gauntlet mug, which also includes the movies logo.  Plus the Infinity stones light up when they have a hot drink in them.  I really like this mug, its simple, its a normal size and something I can use regularly.  Some of the previous mugs from Funko were odd shapes, which meant they weren’t very good to drink from, this is simple but effective.

There is also a Bandana included in this box, which is a disappointment and this just feels like a cheap filler to the box.


This Infinity War box is an odd one, it has an amazing Pop Ride in it, which is worth the cost of the box, but the other items fill like generic filler.  The mug and key caps are at least usable, but any time a box doesn’t include a T-Shirt is a instant step down in my eyes.

REVIEW SCORE:  7 out of 10


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