Pop! Review: Earth Day 2018 Wall-E (Box Lunch Exclusive)

For today’s Pop! Review, I’m going to take a look at the special Earth Day Wall-E, which was released by Box Lunch stores here in the US the week preceding Earth Day. Featuring Wall-E holding up the plant he found and safely placed in a boot, this proved to be a very hard Pop! to get, as he sold out within minutes online and people going to the Box Lunch stores had to wait for hours at some locations to guarantee getting one. Let’s check him out.

The one thing interesting about this Pop! is that it was made partially from recycled materials. The figure is comprised of 20% recycled material, with the box at 80%. Additionally, the window itself is 100% recyclable. This does make for a bit of a flimsy box, so “mint” in box collectors could have a hard time finding a perfect box. Indeed, none of the ones I was able to get in store for my friends and I were 100% perfect… and I watched the Box Lunch employees take them directly out of the master case. However, being that I don’t care about small imperfections on a piece of flimsy cardboard protecting a plastic toy….. sorry, collectible….. I was not worried.

The Pop! itself is beautiful, and most assuredly one that needs to be removed from the box to fully enjoy.

I love the previous Wall-E Pop! in my collection, but this one is so much more fun, and meaningful from the movie. It shows Wall-E in a moment from the movie in which he is so loving and caring. Perfect as a representation of Earth Day.

I also had the chance to bring this Wall-E Pop! with me down to Disney’s Animal Kingdom for Earth Day last month, which was also the park’s 20th Anniversary. There, Wall-E got to pose with the 20th Anniversary logo and the Tree of Life.

I will be posting additional pics I have taken around the Disney Parks this past trip (and my January trip) later this month for all to see.




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