LEGOLAND Florida LEGO Star Wars Days Event Review

This past weekend LEGOLAND Florida invited the site to check out the first day of LEGO Star Wars Days. The event runs for two more weekends this month. May 12-13th and May 19-20th. The event has something for every Star Wars fan to enjoy so lets take a look at what you can expect to see.


As you are about to enter the park and head to get your ticket scanned look up! Stormtroopers are patrolling the area looking out for Rebel Scum and Droids.

 Once in the park you will come up to a giant Yoda LEGO Minifigure made entirely out of LEGO bricks.

Yoda isn’t the only giant LEGO sculpture you will find. There is life size figures of quite a few characters spread out around the park.

There is also quite a few Meet and Greet opportunities throughout the park. This year LEGO Captain Phasma make her debut. She alternates meet and greets with LEGO Darth Vader.

If LEGO versions of the characters is not your thing, don’t worry. There are plenty of other meet and greets. Here is just a sampling of the other characters you can meet during the event.

Interested in exclusive merch? Their is a few offers in the Park.

Two of the offers can be found at the Studio Store. One of them exclusive to Passholders.

There is also an exclusive Minifigure available at The Big Shop located near the entrance of the Park.

There is also some special food items made especially for the event. Items include Light Sword Churros, Blue Rey-Berry Ice Cream, Light Side Vs. Darke Side Ice Cream and Rebel Burgers.


Throughout the Park is quite a few Entertainment options. First up located in the Fun Town 4D Theater is a few different ones.

I have seen the Droid Tales episodes before, but it was fun to see them up on the big screen.

Other activities throughout the park include a LEGO Lightsaber Scavenger Hunt, LEGO Star Wars Photo Fan Gallery, LEGO Star Wars Video Games, a Galaxy Competition Build, Padawan Search and a Tatooine Photo Spot.

Last but not least lets take a look at the most impressive thing in my opinion. The LEGO Star Wars Miniland!

Inside the miniland is scenes from each of the first 7 episodes. The Force Awakens display is the newest addition to the Miniland and was unveiled this weekend. Around each display is buttons that when pressed activates different effects in the displays. Let’s go through LEGO Star Wars Miniland starting with the first episode, The Phantom Menace.

Next up Attack of the Clones!

Next Revenge of the Sith!

Next the movie that started it all A New Hope!

Now on to my favorite The Empire Strikes Back!

Now on to Return of the Jedi!

Finally the newest addition The Force Awakens. Look at the size of that Star Destroyer!

I want to thank LEGOLAND Florida again for the opportunity to attend this event. I had a lot of fun and highly recommend checking it out if you are in the area.


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