Star Wars: Legion Leia Organa Commander Expansion Preview

Fantasy Flight Games have released some details on their upcoming Leia Organa Commander Expansion for the Star Wars: Legion miniature game.  This new expansion will be released soon and is priced at $12.95.

Included in the box will be a single unpainted, easily assembled miniature representing Leia Organa, plus Three command cards and several upgrade cards allow players to further customize their army.

Here are some of the details on this new expansion pack:

As the second Rebel Alliance commander released for Star Wars: Legion, Leia Organa gives you more flexibility when building your Rebel army. She can be used as an alternative to Luke Skywalker, or, if you want to take advantage of both Luke’s blossoming Force abilities and Leia’s inspiring presence in battle, you could have them work side-by-side.

No matter what you choose, Leia Organa brings her own style to the unsung infantry battles of the Star Wars galaxy. She might not be as formidable a warrior as Luke, but she is more than capable in a fight. Equally skilled in martial arts as she is with a blaster, Leia Organa notably rolls the same pool of three black attack dice for both melee and ranged attacks. Her ranged attacks are slightly more potent, however, thanks to Leia’s Sharpshooter 2 ability reducing her target’s cover and her Defender Sporting Blaster piercing through enemy armor to cancel one of the defender’s dodge results.

Despite her combat prowess, Leia Organa is known more as a leader, working closely with troops in the field to complete objectives. At only 90 points, she is far cheaper than Luke Skywalker, giving you more space in your army for other units. The 70 points you’ll save could be used to add a unit of Rebel Troopers complete with a Z-6 Trooper to your army, for example, giving you even more ranged firepower.

Once these troops are in the field, Leia Organa helps them perform at their peak. Her Inspire 2 ability automatically removes suppression tokens from nearby units after she activates, keeping them calm and in the fight for as long as possible. What’s more, Leia Organa can use one of her actions on her Take Cover 2 ability, allowing her to grant dodge tokens to up to two friendly trooper units at Range 1. This especially benefits the nimble Rebel Troopers, who gain the extra measure of protection from the dodge token and become free to focus on more offensive actions during their activation.

Leia Organa is a born leader. With experience ranging from Imperial Senator to troop commander, she is skilled at coordinating efforts between many groups to accomplish a greater goal. These abilities are on full display in her three command cards, with each card giving you the opportunity to turn the many moving parts of your army into a concentrated fighting force.

No matter what happens, an army needs to stay on the move. Whether it’s rushing to capture objectives or to quickly take cover, a mobile army can create all sorts of problems for an opponent. A command card like No Time for Sorrows,  then, can prove invaluable in the heat of battle. This card allows Leia Organa to issue orders to two trooper units and, when she does, these units may perform a speed-1 move. This might not seem like much, but it can help you quickly mobilize your forces, setting them up for a quick assault or hasty retreat later in the round.

Similarly, Leia Organa might want to become even more directly involved in the action. Although you’re not likely to win priority when you play the Somebody Has to Save Our Skins command card, you can still move pretty quickly. With this card in play, Leia Organa can activate a friendly unit at Range 1-2 with a faceup order token immediately after her activation. Not only does this give you two full activations in a row, it also gives Leia Organa the opportunity to work in tandem with another unit, potentially launching a devastating attack or hunkering down out of harm’s way.

Finally, Leia Organa’s leadership skills are on full display even when she’s working on her own. Although the Coordinated Bombardment command card only allows you to issue orders to Leia Organa, it does give you a good chance of going first. If you activate Leia Organa first, she can carry out her normal activation, then launch three attacks against different enemy units at Range 4 or beyond. This gives Leia Organa the potential to send the enemy army into disarray with four straight attacks before it even has the chance to activate a single unit.


Will you be adding the Leia Organa Commander Expansion to your collection?


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