Deadpool Pony X-Force Collectible Figure Coming To SDCC

Beast Kingdom have announced a new Deadpool Pony X-Force Collectible, which will be exclusive to the 2018 San Diego Comic Con. This figure stands 2 to 4-inch.

Here are the details:

Beast Kingdom’s MEA-004 Marvel Comics series is about to release a special limited edition of the self-proclaimed anti-hero Deadpool. Styled in the classic uniform of the X-Force – with the motto “stopping violence with violence” – from Marvel Comics’ X-Men, Deadpool continues to break the fourth wall and run his mouth!

In contrast to the noble X-Men, the X-Force operates in the gray areas, fully capturing the hearts of fans. When the kindred spirit Deadpool joined the team, things became even more out of control!

The classic X-Force uniform comes with several different interactive features, accessories, and backgrounds. Adding to that, the rich colors and meticulous way he is hand-painted and assembled make Deadpool come alive and pay tribute to the classic comics with his unique style. Not just pure, but also of prime quality! A must-have for all Deadpool fans!


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