New ‘Paris’ Themed Merchandise Comes To Disneyland Paris have released a youtube video of the new “Paris” themed selection of merchandise at Disneyland Paris focused in Floras Boutique. I think the design is super cute and some of the pieces are really fun! It’s a bit bright at some points but overall I like the range a lot. You can check out the whole range here on the site or in the embedded video bellow.

I’ve picked my top five pieces of this new range to discuss more in depth with you in this article. There’s a lot to discuss so hitting every single one might take a while!



Top Five Bits of Merchandise

I’m totally a scarf person so I was always going to be drawn to this but I love the design.

think the colors look great, I like the design, I like the print. I think what they’ve done with the word design works really well for the scarf. It’s got Disney on it but it’s not brightly colored which, for DLP, can be something of a rarity. I know DLP has a lot of ladies scarves but I think this is a great addition. Next time I go it’s absolutely something I’d be looking to buy. Especially with the 24 euro price tag it’s hard to argue with.



The ears are perhaps my most favorite bit of merchandise in this range. They are everything. The castle design is fantastic, the coloring is great, they are quite detailed and lovely. I adore the Ratattouie nod. I think this set of ears is just wonderful. They really speak to the location of the park in such a lovely way. It doesn’t hurt, either, that the bow on the front of them is super cute. I think the designers have done a great job with this bit of merchandise. It’s also always nice to see a new set of ears.

There is a second set of ears which I also feel the need to  highlight. They are way less subtle than the other set but thats okay! I love the black velvet material with the stars – but, obviously, french themed chip and dale are the big sell here. These are super cute. I don’t know exactly how functional they would be but you know what? I don’t think I’d care much. These are amazing.

I also really love the passport holder. I think the design 
– which is different from some of the other stuff – quite lovely. It’s got a really nice print. I adore the sketchy outlines of some of DLP’s big attractions and I think would be great to have for going to the parks. Or just in general.  This print is also on a really nice suitcase which would make a pretty great matching set if your the sort of person to worry about that sort of thing. It’s not overly unique but it works very well.

Chef Remy! I think this tsum-tsum is absolutely lovely. I know that Disney seem to be winding down the tsum-tsums but this is a lovely design. It’s nicer than the standard remy design – the little chef hat is adorable and I love his little scarf. Given that Ratatouie is such a big part of the studios this is a great move on DLP’s part and the sort of thing collectors will like. The rest of the tsum-tsum range is also pretty cute but I think this one is the best and most unique. Great fun.


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