Review: Miss Mindy’s Cheshire Cat Statue by Enesco

For today’s review, I take a look at the beautiful Cheshire Cat Statue, part of the Disney Showcase Collection/ The World of Miss Mindy line by Enesco. He joins also released characters White Rabbit and Alice in statue form.

Special thanks to the team at Entertainment Earth for sending this piece over for me to review.

Let’s check this beautiful statue out.


Miss Mindy’s version of our favorite disappearing feline is tipping his ears to a very small Alice while perched on a mushroom. In Miss Mindy fashion, both the Cheshire Cat and Alice are featured in a cutie style.

I really like this statue, especially since it’s not just of the Cheshire Cat, but also includes Alice. She may be very small on the statue, and the statue is very delicate with both Alice and the tail/ears piece of the Cheshire Cat. However, it’s a beautiful piece. Great work by Miss Mindy and Enesco.

If you would like to add this piece to your collection, you can order it from our friends at Entertainment Earth. They also have other great Disney Statues available from Enesco, Beast Kingdom, and more.



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