Review: Funko Disney Treasures’ Year One Gift

For today’s review, I take a look at the special gift that Pioneer (Year One) members of Funko’s Disney Treasures subscription service got recently. While Disney Treasures has been shifted from a subscription service to a supposed bi-monthly box being sold at Hot Topic locations starting in July of this year, Funko still kept to their word and sent out a gift box for the Pioneers after Year One completed. I was on the fence about this box when I first saw spoilers, but once I got it in my hands, I will say that Funko did a great job. Let’s check out the contents.

In true Funko subscription box year-end gifts fashion, the main gift was a metallic statue. For Disney Treasures, we got a silver Steamboat Willie happily sailing his steamer down the river.

I know he is whistling, but is kind of looks like he is sucking on a pacifier. Maybe it’s just me.

In addition, we got a Mickey Mouse Mini in a tin, to match the Minnie Mouse one that we got in the Ever After Castle theme box earlier this year. My Mickey is very top-heavy and cannot stand on his own free will… so here is just a pic of him with his tin. The tins is an exact match for Minnie’s. and features their houses located at Toon Town in Disneyland.

I am really glad we got this version of Mickey, as Minnie was quite a cute sculpt, but I like them better as a pair. Now to dig out my Minnie one from storage to display them together.


Overall, while the first year of Disney Treasures had its’ ups and downs, Funko did a great job in this gift for the Pioneers. Granted, I am still hoping for a few things that was promised to be done throughout the first year (like the completer patch for Year One or the additional “it’s a small world” Dorbz Ridez coming to the parks). However, as a whole, I applaud Funko for the work they did on Disney Treasures while it was one of their subscription services.

If you were a Year One Pioneer and got this gift box, I would love to hear your thoughts below on not just it, but what you felt of the service as a whole. You can sound off in the comments below.




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