Star Wars: Clone Wars Pop Vinyls Coming Soon

Funko have announced some new additions to their Star Wars Pop Vinyls Collection, which include Yoda, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ahsoka Tano, from the Clone Wars animated series.

These Pops will be released in August and can be pre-ordered now from retailers including Entertainment Earth.

There will also be a variant version of Ahsoka Tano coming to Hot Topic.

You can pre-order these Clone War Pop Vinyls now from Entertainment Earth 



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  • Carmine Crincoli

    That’s so cool! I wanna see more of these STAR WARS: The Clone Wars POP! vinyl bobble-heads next!

    – Yoda with Lightsaber
    – Captain Rex (Phase II)
    – Captain Rex (Phase I)
    – Commander Cody
    – Commander Fox
    – Commander Gree
    – Phase I Clone Trooper
    – Phase I Clone Pilot
    – Mace Windu (TCW)
    – Kit Fisto (TCW)
    – Plo Koon (TCW)
    – General Grievous (TCW)
    – Count Dooku (TCW)
    – Asajj Ventress (TCW Seasons 1-2)
    – Asajj Ventress (TCW Seasons 3-5)
    – Asajj Ventress (Nightsister)
    – Savage Oppress
    – Darth Maul (TCW, Cyborg)
    – Hondo Onaka
    – Helmetless Clones
    – Ahsoka Tano with Rotta the Huttlet
    – Anakin Skywalker (TCW Seasons 3-5)
    – Obi-Wan Kenobi (TCW Seasons 3-5)
    – Pre Vizsla
    – Boba Fett (Young Bounty Hunter)
    – Bossk (TCW)
    – Aurra Sing
    – Aurra Sing (TCW Season 3)
    – Luminara Unduli and Barris Offee 2-Pack (Prequel Trilogy and The Clone Wars Era)

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