Avengers #3 Review

The third issue of the latest Avengers reboot sees the teams coming together to face Loki and a collection of huge Celestials, that have been banished from Earth millions of years ago, that what to destroy Earth.

While I wasn’t a big fan of the first issue of this new series, now we’re getting into the heavier aspects of the story, it’s really growing on me, especially the artwork, as it’s simplistic but also effective, plus I like the smaller team filled with major characters, though I would have preferred to have had the Hulk on the team, than She-Hulk. And having Loki as the main villain is also making it much more interesting.

Loki has a unique way of interacting with the Avengers, he is unpredictable since he often drifts that line between good and bad, plus they are building the threat level with the backstory on the large Celestials, without giving anyway too much.

While I was sceptical of the inclusion of She-Hulk and Ghost Rider in this story, but they are adding a little more depth by adding something fresh, especially as they both have a connection to the past that needs further explanation. I also like how the little nods to “traditional” Avengers antics like splitting into smaller teams and bickering between the heroes.

OVERALL: This is exactly what I want from an Avengers book, it’s packed full of major superheroes facing extreme odds in saving the world from impending doom. It’s over the top and I love it.

REVIEW SCORE: 8 out of 10

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