Solo: A Star Wars Story Soundtrack Review

The latest Star Wars Soundtrack based on the newest movie, Solo, has been created by John Powell and is a step away from the usual iconic Star Wars style that John Williams made, which was a little bit of a disappointment to me, as a first I was a little underwhelmed when listening to it, but the album continued to grow on me through repeated plays.

This is the first Star Wars Score that let a new composer do something a little more original and while I really enjoyed the movie, it was a good solid adventure but it’s no secret that Solo: A Star Wars Story on a whole has suffered from many issues, apathy from the audience, poor marketing, a bad release date and much more.

And this album continues that trend, it’s all just feels very average since nothing really stands out and that’s not something I’m used to with Star Wars. There are many little nods to previous John Williams tracks from the other Star Wars movies, but I never found myself humming along or getting a song stuck in my head, like I did with the soundtracks for “The Force Awakens” or “The Last Jedi”.

John Williams did have a hand in this album, with one single track to the album called “The Adventures Of Han”, it’s full on classic Star Wars, a full orchestra, with all the strings, horns and magic that instantly makes you feel it’s an epic movie score.

This track also had a major influence on the score as a whole as John Powell sprinkled parts of this theme throughout the album. Which is what I did enjoy, those little moments where they blend in and out, reminding you that it’s Star Wars. Some tracks like “Reminiscence Therapy” sound like the Astroid field scene from Empire Strikes Back,

It can’t be easy for any composer to take on a Star Wars score and I do think John Powell did a good job in making this soundtrack sound like Star Wars, while doing something unique. I think this album does successfully blend together the work from both composers.

I was a little disappointed that the alternative version from the trailer, wasn’t included since I loved that, but since it which wasn’t used in the movie it makes sense.

OVERALL: Solo: A Star Wars Story is a solid soundtrack, it is full of good tracks and has that big Star Wars orchestra sound that we know all and love, but it’s all new and different, which isn’t really what I want from a Star Wars Score.

REVIEW SCORE: 6 out of 10

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