WDW Review: Citrus Swirl vs. Orange Cream

When I was last at Walt Disney World, Orange Bird joined me in doing the “Citrus Swirl vs. Orange Cream Challenge” at the Sunshine Tree Terrace.

A little back story: This past March, the Sunshine Tree Terrace in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom quietly removed the beloved Citrus Swirl dessert from their menu. In it’s place came the Orange Cream. Similar in look to the Citrus Swirl, the Orange Swirl is less tart and more sweet in flavor. Guests, especially those very loyal to a dessert that they have grown up with, raised concern with this change (to put it nicely). Well, after just a week, the Citrus Swirl was back on the menu, now side by side with the Orange Cream.

Of course, I could have just gotten the cups of each, but I usually get my Citrus Swirl as a float, so I decided to do the taste test as floats, tasting both of them individually, as well as with the soda.

Like I stated before, the Orange Cream is sweeter and less bitter than the Citrus Swirl (which always reminded me of getting an Orange Julius at the local mall with my parents when I was little). Going in, I personally thought that I would prefer the Orange Cream (which basically tasted like a orange creamsicle) over the Citrus Swirl. Though I have enjoyed the Citrus Swirl in the past, the bitter note to it is sometimes a lot for my palette. However, after trying both of the floats, I still prefer the Citrus Swirl.

For me, I think a lot of it has to do with the orange soda aspect. When you get down to it, with the by then melted remains of the ice cream, the combination of the soda with the Citrus Swirl forms a great balance. However, the soda and Orange Cream was just overly sweet.

Overall, I am very happy that Disney kept both on the menu, and I hope it stays. I know some people don’t like the flavor of the Citrus Swirl, so the Orange Cream flavor should be perfect for them. However, losing sales from people devoted to the Citrus Swirl would not be good.


Lastly… a Dole Whip is hands down better than both of them.


If you have taken this challenge, I would love to hear who won for you. Share your thoughts below.



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