Disney Parks Presents: Jungle Cruise Out Now

Walt Disney Imagineering have released a new book “The Jungle Cruise” which is based on the classic Disney attraction from Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Here is the official description:

Enjoy the pun-omenal jokes written by the Walt Disney Imagineers and the Jungle Cruise skippers from the world-famous Jungle Cruise attraction. Guests board a boat and travel with a witty and experienced skipper to exotic rivers of the world, and leave smiling with memories of their vibrant voyage.

In this book, Erwin Madrid’s original illustrations accompany the jokes of the classic attraction, and together they steer readers deeper and deeper into lush lands filled with adventures, animals, and laughs. The included CD, featuring narration by John Lasseter, invites people to relive the rollicking journey or experience the magic for the very first time as they read.

Here is a look at the cover:

Here is a few preview pages from this book:

You can purchase this book now from retailers including Amazon and is priced at $18.99


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