Tangled #2 Review

Rapunzel has returned to comics once more with Tangled #2 after a few months of delays , we have 3 adventures to dive into, all of which inspired by the hit Disney Channel television series. Will this issue shine like Rapunzel’s hair or fall into darkness like the stones appearing throughout Corona ?

“Eugene’s Surprise”

WRITER:  Alessandro Ferrari

ART : Roberto Di Salvo and Rosa La Barbera


Rapunzel discovers a secret passage while arranging her books, she decides to explore them along with Pascal, wondering if it would lead to somewhere new within her castle. She soon finds some holes attached to a painting as she eyes Eugene seemingly talking with another girl at the dinner table


Pascal, in a fit of rage pulls the hair off revealing it was Shorty all along and that  Eugene was simply practicing how to flirt with Rapunzel during his dinner with her. Rapunzel decides to explore the rest of the passage but eventually she decides to save it for another time, wanting to spend time with Eugene instead.


“Stuck With C.U.D.D.L.E.S”

WRITER:  Alessandro Ferrari

ART  : Roberto Di Salvo and Rosa La Barbera

Lance and Eugene have been discussing ways to protect the King inside his carriage considering the latter had been robbed. Rapunzel offers to help out by re-designing the carriage leaving it up to the two to build it

The three go over the carriage which had been named C.U.D.D.L.E.S (Carriage Uniquely Designed Dramatically Lovable Exceptionally Secure), the King adores the carriage except for the name. Deciding to use it on his route to King Trevor’s kingdom as it is an un-safe route, he gets Eugene and Lance to take him there using CUDDLES.

Although a problem occurs when the King cannot get out due to the unique lock design, forcing him to take other measures to get the signing done, even if it ends up humiliating him in the process.


“Taking the Cake”

WRITER:  Liz Marsham

ART: Eduard Petrovich and Rosa La Barbera


For the final story of the issue , Rapunzel comes to her room with a plate full of snacks to give good news and bad news to Pascal. The good news is that he can have the snacks but the bad news is that a visiting Lord is terrified of lizards and seeing Pascal could lead to a war.

After seeing how upset Pascal is, she decides to create  a flower crown to help Pascal blend in during the party to enjoy the band and dancing. She instructs him to stay still in the crown so that his cover does not get blown. The party goes smoothly with Lord Toppenbottom enjoying himself as Pascal spots some purple desserts with an heavenly scent. The scent has him mesmerized until he accidentally falls off, Rapunzel quickly covers him with a tea cup to help hide him

Rapunzel tells the Lord  a joke to keep his eyes off of her tea cup  as Pascal soon moves in at the dessert plate ? Will he be caught ? Read the full issue to find out



This is a delightful issue and a perfect way to enjoy more of the adventures of Rapunzel until the premiere of Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure. The colours are vibrant, the charm of the television show is captured with each pencil stroke through expressions and character movement. IDW and Disney continues to enchant many with their comic book adaptations of their television shows. It makes me more eager to see the upcoming Big Hero 6 comic in July.

Tangled the Series #2 is an enjoyable read for all ages, the colour and character expressions are more than enough to guarantee multiple re-reads in your family.


RATING : 8 out of 10



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