The Incredibles Dash & Edna Mode Toybox Action Figure Review

Disney Store have released an action figure set, which includes a Dash articulated figure and it also comes with Jack Jack and Edna Mode figurines.

Dash is easily the main reason to get this set, its a fun little figure and full of personality, the head and main body are very well made, its just a shame the legs are a little too small and fiddly.

The Edna Mode figurine is very well made, I love the expression on the face and the head feels a little like a Funko Pop Vinyl.  It’s a real shame they didn’t make this a proper action figure with moving parts and didn’t bother about putting in the Jack Jack accessory, which seemed a little unnecessary.

This set feels like Disney didn’t have confidence in a Dash figure selling on its own, while Edna Mode is a nice addition to make the set worthwhile, the small Jack Jack figurine seems out of place.  This should either be a action figure or figurine, mixing it up seems odd.  Dash is a fun little figure, but its a little flimsy, especially on the legs and difficult to stand up, since its proportions are off.

Here is my video review of this Dash and Edna Mode figure set:

Here is a look at the packaging:

Here is a look at this Incredibles set:

OVERALL:  Considering its price, this set does offer incredible value, since it contains one fun action figure and a couple of well made figurines, but compared to other figures in the Toybox line, this one just felt a little underwhelming.

REVIEW SCORE: 7 out of 10

You can purchase this Dash figure from and Disney Store UK.


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