Mrs Incredible Toybox Action Figure Review

Disney Store’s latest Toybox action figure is Mrs Incredible and comes with a small Jack Jack figure.  Based on the designs of the original Disney Infinity video game, Mrs Incredible features lots of articulation points to let her be positioned into many different spots for play and display.

Disney have done a great job in making this figure look impressive, the bright colours and big logo on her chest, all instantly make it stand out.  However, because the figures legs are so thin and the feet so small, its almost impossible to get the Mrs Incredible figure to actually stand up right and unless leaned on another figure, will be terrible for display purposes.  I was finding it very difficult to stand the figure to take any photos.

The little Jack Jack is one of the better smaller figurines from this wave of Incredible themed Toybox figures, but with no moving pieces and an odd display stand (ironically, Mrs Incredible is the one who actually needs a stand), it feels a odd accessory to add to the figure.

For younger children, I’m not sure this figure will stand up to much rough play, since the limbs are so thin, which seems to be an issue with other Incredible toys like Violet and Dash.

While most toys have something printed on them, this is perhaps the oddest toy I’ve ever seen, with a huge address and details being printed straight onto Mrs Incredibles bum!  It might not matter to younger fans, but it was another thing that annoyed me about this figure.

Here is my video review of this Mrs Incredible figure:

Here is a look at the packaging:

Here is a look at this Mrs Incredible figure:

  OVERALL: Mrs Incredible is probably the weakest Toybox action figure I’ve reviewed so far, it looks good and if being played with, it might be OK, but for a display model, its just extremely limited to being leaned up to something else.

REVIEW SCORE: 5 out of 10

You can purchase this Mrs Incredible figure from and Disney Store UK.


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