Frozen Anna & Olaf – LEGO Brickheadz Set (41618) Review

LEGO’s latest Disney set release is a Brickheadz twin pack featuring Anna and Olaf, which sees Anna as a full sized Brickheadz and Olaf utilizing the 3×3 size, which is now being used for smaller characters like Yoda and Rocket Raccoon.

Anna and Olaf feature BrickHeadz eyes and authentic details from the blockbuster Disney Frozen movie, including Anna’s magenta cape and Olaf’s carrot nose, plus 2 baseplates.

Compared to Elsa’s Brickhead figure, Anna is a much more brighter and colourful set, since the hair, cape and dress stand out much better.  Also just having the freckled printed piece on the face breaks up the plain face.

Olaf is the stand out figure from this set, I love it, since it has that cute little face and how the coal pieces printed on the chest and neck piece are fun.  I also thought the way the sticks aka “hair” was used on the head was very unique.

I did have a issue with a single white square being missing from the box, as there seemed to be the wrong piece included, as I had a bonus piece not listed in the manual.  I was able to work around the missing piece with some smaller single squares and readjusting the insides of Olaf to not show the coloured piece.

As with all Brickheadz, this set looks much better when your face on, as from behind, they are extremely dull.  But if they are sat on your desk or shelf, you’ll probably never see the backside of these sets.

Here is my video review of this Frozen LEGO Brickheadz set:

Here is a look at the packaging: 

Here is a look at this LEGO set:

OVERALL:   This is a fantastic little LEGO set, Anna is represented well by the format, due to the different colours and details, but Olaf steals the show.  It’s a lovely set and I can easily recommend it to Frozen fans.  It’s also nice to see some different Brickheadz that aren’t connected to Marvel and Star Wars.

REVIEW SCORE: 8 out of 10

You can purchase this Frozen LEGO set from LEGO, Amazon and Entertainment Earth.


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