Duck Tales #9 Review

Adventure is the game for this issue of Disney Duck Tales, from going back to the gold rush of the 1800s to a Beagle Boy invasion during a peaceful fishing trip. Join us for two Scrooge centered stories this month as we cover Duck Tales #9 from IDW Publishing

The Risk McDuck Refused


Scrooge and his nephews are in the living room watching home movies of some of their past adventures. The nephews insist on going back on some of them but Scrooge prefers to rest up as he thinks about how he buys large screen TVs due to his dwindling sight realizing he could no longer do the things he used to

He visits some of his scientists at Vin Wrinkle’s lab where they study the effects of time. He reveals he came over to try out their newest invention, a time machine. He decides to revisit his old Klondike days thanks to the invention. He discovers thanks to it, that he would transform into his younger form. He also sports a belt to help get back to the present if he so desires to do so

He discovers gold once again as he decides to reclaim his fortune once more albeit without seeing some ominous figures overlooking him wanting his claim. They try scaring him off by throwing barrels but the young Scrooge dodges them with ease. He soon hears a cry for help from a woman who has crashed onto a tree.

She soon lands on poor Scrooge as the thieves once again show up to terrorize Scrooge. He uses the woman’s shoe laces and some broken barrel staves to make make-shift skis as they quickly get away from the thieves. Later onboard a train, Scrooge and the woman began talking about their futures. What will Scrooge end up choosing, make a new life or use the vest to return back to the present ?



The Frightful Fishing Trip  



The second story begins with the gang coming back from yet another adventure with Donald complaining about families should go off berry picking and fishing rather than stealing Phoenix eggs. Mrs. Beakley forces the two of them to go fishing together to reconcile as the two depart for Tranquility Lake during the weekend.

Donald entertains his uncle with some campfire songs as the singing attracts the attention of some Beagle Boys. They soon report their finding to Ma Beagle, turns out the two has landed on the Beagles’ private island.

The Beagle Boys begin the chase as Scrooge puts out the campfire leaving them in darkness while the two ducks cover their trails. They move quickly through the forest as the Beagles soon catch up with some ATVs. Will Scrooge and Donald end up escaping from their quiet weekend or will the Beagles finally get the deed to Duckburg ?



Duck Tales continues to bring high octane adventures covering aspects of the characters that the television show does not cover like the inner turmoils of Scrooge or the struggling relationship between Scrooge and Donald that was covered in the first episode of the show.

The art continues to capture the charm of the television show with bright colours and expressions right out of the show. The writing is some of the best I have seen from the comic after some rather dull issues in the last few months. I love seeing the Beagle Boys in this incarnation and glad to see more of their antics.

Duck Tales #9 continues paying tribute to both the Carl Barks comic book universe and the Disney Channel animated series while doing its own twists in bright colourful adventures monthly.


RATING: 7 out of 10




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