Poe Dameron #29 Review

This issue is the fourth part of the Awakening storyline and focuses on the time line straight after “The Last Jedi”. Where we learn what the Black Squadron has been doing right after the events of destroying Starbase Killer in “The Force Awakens”.

With the Black Squadron trying to track down allies for the Resistance and sees them meet with the King of Pastoria, who welcomes the team but they feel uneasy as they don’t trust the King and are quickly proven right.  It’s a little too easy to see this turn coming, especially with the team saying they didn’t feel comfortable with what they were doing.

It’s a fun issue and filling the void between the newer movies is interesting, especially as we get to learn more about what’s going on in other regions, other races and more importantly it allows further development of the Black Squadron, which the movies haven’t been able to do.

I’ve questioned on multiple occasions about why this book series is named after Poe Dameron, since he is rarely the main character of the story and tries to flesh out other characters from the movie, who aren’t developed.

OVERALL:  This is a fine Star Wars comic, its got a small battle scene to keep things moving, but its your typical filler content that leads nowhere, which is always a problem with these stories.   It’s pretty average, but I did enjoy reading it.

REVIEW SCORE: 6 out of 10

You can purchase this comic now via Amazon/ComiXology


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