Disney Store Sketchbook Ornament Legacy Collection Out Now

Disney have launched a new Disney Store Sketchbook Ornament Legacy Collection, which will feature 10 different ornaments, which all celebrate special anniversaries.

The first three ornaments released include Mickey Mouse, Wall-E and Roger Rabbit, which celebrate the 90th, 10th and 30th anniversaries of each of those characters.

These are priced at $19.95 each and available from ShopDisney.com.  These have a “limited release”, so they might not “hang” around too long!  No details have yet been revealed on when the other 7 Ornaments will be released.

Here is a look at these new Sketchbook Ornaments:

You can purchased these now from ShopDisney.com. 

What do you think of these new Sketchbook Ornaments?


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