Marvel Future Fight Soundtrack Review

Recently a brand new soundtrack was released featuring over 55 tracks from the mobile smash hit game, Marvel Future Fight.  And I’ll be honest totally honest, I hadn’t thought about a mobile games soundtrack being released before, as I normally hit the mute button while playing anything on my iPad or iPhone.

But Netmarble have brought tons of interesting tracks out on this digital album, which completely caught me off guard.  It’s a album packed with some big epic score numbers, that could have easily come off a Marvel movie or TV soundtrack.  Though there are many generic tracks, which you’d expect from a mobile game soundtrack.

This album isn’t just full of generic songs, there are some really interesting tunes, many with a Korean influence, especially the big single off the album, Tonight, which has been created for a K-pop star-turned-superhero from South Korea called Luna Snow, who was added to the game earlier this year.  It’s totally bonkers but I love it, though I did like Gangnam Style too. 

Check out the music video for this track below:

One of the biggest issues with mobile games is they are often treated poorly by not just players, but also by companies, especially when they are no longer profitable, often being removed from servers, never to be seen again.  So Netmarble releasing this album is a great thing for fans of the game, since usually this music is lost forever when a online game is “removed”.

The Marvel Future Fight Soundtrack is a great collection of tunes from the game, for fans of the game, who actually listen to the music and like it, they might want to add this to their collection.  But for me, I have no connection with these songs, I thought the “Tonight” track was a lot of fun, but I wouldn’t want to listen to it too many times.

OVERALL:   A fun little collection for die-hard fans of the game only, I applaud the release of the album, but its just not for me.

REVIEW SCORE: 6 out of 10

You can purchase this album now from Amazon


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