PhatMojo DuckTales Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby Action Figures Review

The DuckTales line by PhatMojo is starting to show up at Target stores now. After visiting many Target stores I finally found one that had the DuckTales end cap set up. They had everything in stock except for the Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck figures and the Mystery Figures. I decided to just get the two twin packs at this time until I find Donald and Scrooge. So let get to the review.

Packaging: 4.5/5

The packaging on these are very colorful and show off the figures and accessories well. The backing card is the same for all and features an image of Scrooge’s Money Bin on the front. On the back shows the line up of figures and has a screen cap from the series and image of Scrooge McDuck. The cardboard inserts feature the DuckTales logo and the other has images of the characters you are buying and their names.

Sculpting 4/5

The sculpting on these are pretty great. They all look like their animated counterparts. There is a couple of things holding them back though. First being that the design for the hands makes it hard or in some cases unable to hold their accessories. The other downside is that the leg designs for the articulation makes them look like they are wearing diapers. Webby’s skirt hides this so it only really affects Huey, Dewey and Louie.

Paint 4/5

The paint on these are pretty good, but I had to look through quite a few to find ones with out paint slop or missing paint. So if you have the chance to, be sure and look through them for the best paint apps. All the colors are accurate to the cartoon. The outlines around the eyes really give them character and breaks up all the white.



Articulation 4/5

Each figure has the same amount of articulation. Ball jointed head, Cut shoulders and hips. Each one is able to sit pretty well. That should come in handy for the Plane vehicle that is sold separately. Elbow articulation would have been nice, but at the size and the cost of these I see why it wasn’t included.



Accessories 4.5/5

Each two pack comes with four accessories.

Huey and Dewey come with the Junior Woodchucks Guidebook, a Khopesh, a bag of marbles and a dart gun. The Junior Woodchucks Guidebook has a sticker on it so be careful trying to put it in Huey’s hand so you don’t damage it. The Khopesh and dart gun can be placed in their hands pretty well. The bag of marbles not so much.

Louie and Webby comes with Louie’s smartphone, a can of Pep! Soda, Webby’s spy goggles and grappling hook. Louie’s phone fits nicely in his hand and is nicely painted. The can of Pep! soda doesn’t fit in his hands and has a sticker on it. Trying to fit it in his hand will probably damage it. Webby’s Spy Goggles fit perfectly on her head and she can hold her grappling hook pretty well, but it sits at an angle.


Overall 4.5/5

These are some pretty fun figures and capture the look of the characters pretty well. There are a couple things holding them back, but at $12.99 for each two pack you can’t really complain. If you are a fan of the DuckTales reboot I can’t recommend these enough.

I have included an image below that shows a comparison of the size of these and the Funko Disney Afternoon Scrooge McDuck.






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