Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Blu-Ray Review

Following 10 years of building up a story, through 18 movies, making it the biggest movie of 2018, Infinity War finally arrives at home, so Marvel fans can sit back and watch this fantastic movie, over and over again.

The movie is easily one of my favourite Marvel movies of all time, it brings together the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Black Panther and many more Marvel characters into a fascinating story that has never been seen on the big screen.  It delivers some epic action scenes, that I simply can’t believe we get to see.  As a comic book superhero fan since the 80’s, seeing so many major characters in one movie is a dream, we’ve really moved past simple origin movies now.

If you didn’t see this movie at the cinema, to hold off for the home video version, then the big finish might not have the same impact it did when I saw it on opening night.  I’ve never seen a audience gasp and be so surprised when the credits rolled around.

This is a unique movie, that has been building for years and shows how a Cinematic Universe can be done, if the time and preparation is done.   When a character appears on the screen, there is no need to do any introductions, we know who they are.  There are times there might be a few too many characters, but the way the directors split them all up into sub-teams, meant we rarely had too many characters to focus on until the big battle.

Infinity War is a epic superhero movie and is easily worth the purchase of this Blu-Ray alone, especially since the extras on this Blu-Ray version are pretty standard, there is a Gag Reel, which is worth watching to get in some laughs, as we get to see the actors messing around on set.  

We also get to see a few different featurettes, which show a few highlights of the movie, a few nice sound bites and footage of actors in front of green screens.    None of which really go into too much detail into the filming process, often feeling more like a glorified trailer for the movie.

This Blu-Ray includes some deleted scenes, which are a little rough around the edges, since they don’t include finished CGI, but its been included to help expand on some of those scenes, that had been filmed with the actors.   Its easy to see why they weren’t included in the movie, since they would have stretched out an already busy movie or effected the pace.

The extra scene with the Guardians of the Galaxy, does showcase Drax’s tragic backstory, but the humour doesn’t seem to work, which is the same issue with the Happy scene that was cut from the movie.

The extended version of Thanos and Gamora’s backstory is a little more interesting, but I don’t feel anything was lost by not including them in the movie’s cut.  Maybe eventually we might get a finished directors cut, but with so much CGI required for the movie, the costs to Disney would probably not be beneficial.

The audio commentary features directors Anthony and Joe Russo and co-writers Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely, which is full of useful little notes about the movie, such extra information like Valkyrie escaping with some Asgardians during the battle with Thanos in the opening scene and stories from while they were making the movie.  These audio commentaries are usually interesting to listen to once, feeling almost like a podcast episode about the creation of the movie.

There is also a thirty minute Director’s Roundtable, featuring Jon Favreau, Ryan Coogler, James Gunn, Peyton Reed, Joss Whedon, and Anthony & Joe Russo, which is about 30 minutes long and is exclusive to the Digital version.  Which is a little disappointing that it wasn’t on the actual disc itself.

Overall the extras aren’t anything amazing and feel like they could have been from any movie released, not one of the biggest movies of the year.

As you would expect from a Blu-Ray, the video quality is excellent, with crisp lines, bright colours, but in your standard letter box mode, so doesn’t offer that amazing IMAX feel across your TV.  I didn’t notice any issues with the sound, though I only watched the movie through my standard 4K TV, so it might be different if you have separate speakers.

OVERALL:  Avengers: Infinity War is a fantastic movie and for that reason alone, its a easy recommendation to add to any collection, since I’m sure you’ll want to watch it repeatedly, I’ve watched it twice this weekend alone!  The extras aren’t anything to get too excited about, but I’m glad they are there, especially the deleted scenes and audio commentary.  If I was to only buy one movie this year, this would be it!

REVIEW SCORE: 10 Out Of 10

You can pre-order this Blu-Ray now from retailers including Amazon



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