Fantastic Four #1 Review

Marvel have rebooted many comic book series lately, but the return of the Fantastic Four is one of the most hyped, as years of the characters being left on the sidelines due to movie rights issues with Fox, but with those issues sorted out, we can once again see Mr Fantastic,    Invisible Woman, Thing and the Human Torch in action.

With a brand new series kicking off, the majority of the story focuses on how the two “remaining” members, the Thing and the Human Torch are struggling with the loss of their family, especially Johnny.

There is a interesting fake out moment that helped stretch out the final reveal, which we obviously knew was coming, but did it in an fun way and helps set up the next issue where we might see them all reunited, though I kind of hope that they hold off a few issues and build the anticipation.

Seeing the first family back in the Marvel fold, with a regular monthly series should be interesting, especially as they’ve been gone for a while and while I was enjoying the Thing/Torch series, this is what I really want to read.

This issue also opens with a lovely tribute to Steve Ditko, who co-created the characters with Stan Lee and recently passed away.

OVERALL:  Seeing the Fantastic Four back and at the forefront of Marvel is a great sight.  This issue helps set the current situation with the Ben and Johnny, while also setting up the return of the rest of the family.  If you’re a Fantastic Four fan, this issue is a must have and a great jumping on point for those new fans wanting to see the family in action.

REVIEW SCORE:  8 out of 10

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