Amazing Spider-Man #3 Review

Following on from a great couple of episodes that have given the Amazing Spider-Man series a reboot, issue 3 sees the story take an interesting twist as Peter Parker and Spider-Man become separated, leaving Peter Parker a normal human, unable to climb walls, use his     Spider sense and much more.

This is an interesting story, for decades we’ve seen Peter Parker struggle to live two lives and the effects being Spider-Man has had on his personal life.  Now we’ve got a chance to see what would happen to Peter Parker, but its not all what it appears as something isn’t right.

Seeing two characters instead of one seems a little odd, but I’m interested to see where the story goes and how they will eventually rejoin together later down the road.

The artwork is great, especially with the addition of the Tri-Sentinel destroying New York, it’s a impressive scene.  But even the preview for the next issue shows this threat is limited to nothing more than a few pages.

OVERALL: Amazing Spider-Man #3 feels like a Saturday morning cartoon, it’s light hearted and being a fan of the 90’s Spider-Man, it works, but it’s not anything amazing but an enjoyable read.

REVIEW SCORE: 7 out of 10

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