Uncle Scrooge #38 Review

Mismatched Mentors.” Scrooge McDuck is forced to teach business skills to a bratty little kid—on the same day that Magica De Spell is tutoring a young apprentice in black magic! How many ways can this go wrong?

Mismatched Mentors

First Published : Germany’s Lustiges Taschenbuch #470 (2015)

WRITER : Pat and Carol McGreal

ARTIST : Giorgio Cavazzano

We start off our tale with Magica launching a full scale attack on Scrooge’s Money Bin with poor Scrooge and Gyro trapped within trying to get the new security system up and running as magic starts seeping through the windows trying to reach the dime.


Gyro’s latest invention works at the last minute as the magical beams gets atomized by the device and sends Magica packing. Gyro suggests upgrading the system to detect mystical attacks as well and hands Scrooge the gun in case Magica tries attacking again during its installation.

Magica, meanwhile sits defeated at the nearby park overlooking what went wrong as she realizes she might need her own cohort as she heads to the nearby Magic convention. She tricks the others by claiming to have changed her ways to seek a new cohort studying under her wing.

Scrooge, meanwhile is forced by the Duckburg Billionaire Club to take in a mentor to learn how to become a billionaire. Magica has found herself her cohort in young Maggie. Both began teaching their young apprentices about their adversaries. The two soon begin to show that they are un-able to master what they are taught to Magica and Scrooge’s frustration

Will chaos ensue once the two resume their fight over the Number One Dime ? Will Skip and Maggie end up getting in the way of their mentors ? Find out in the full story


Bean Buffet

First Published : Donald Duck Weekblad # 41 (2003) 

WRITER Frank Jonker and Paul Hoogma

ARTIST Freddy Milton


In our second story of the issue, Donald and Gyro are in a grocery store complaining about the rising prices for food. All the two can afford are cans of beans for every meal of the day until Donald suggests maybe finding a way for beans to become other food. Gyro spends the night testing it out turning beans into spring rolls. What sort of chaos can this cause ? Who knows ?


The first story takes up a majority of the issue, yet another Scrooge/Magica story but this one handles it a bit differently showing how Magica copes with yet another defeat as her newest scheme ended up working in a way for her in a odd way due to Skip. The art from Giorgio is as good as ever showing why he is one of the greatest Italian Disney artists out there, its nice, expressive and colourful.

The second story really needed to be longer as the idea had potential for more jokes and a longer story but as a two pager, it still does its job. It is nice seeing more Gyro content lately considering the character’s emergence in the Duck Tales reboot.

Uncle Scrooge #38 continues to bring on new adventures featuring the richest duck in the world. Uncle Scrooge’s newest exploits shows us  why he is smarter than the smarties and tougher than the toughies for over 70 years. The book contains enough content for children of all ages as well as for Disney collectors out there wanting more adventures featuring the character.

RATING : 7 out of 10


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