Diamond Select Kingdom Hearts Walgreens Exclusive Timeless River Sora Figure Review

The wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 is almost over! Luckily while we wait we have plenty of new Kingdom Hearts merchandise released by multiple companies to hold us over. Diamond Select Toys has been hitting it out of the park with their selection of characters and variants they have been releasing. Today we are going to take a look at their newest exclusive for the line that can only be found at Walgreens. Let’s get to it!

Packaging 5/5

As with all the releases of the Kingdom Hearts line for Walgreens Sora comes packed in a nice box. The box shows off the figure well. The box is easy to open without any damage and the figure can be returned to the box without hassle if you decide you want to display him in box. The back show the rest of the figures that are available in this wave for Walgreens stores.

Sculpting 4/5

The sculpt is really well done and looks just like Sora does in the Timeless River segments of the game. The hair is nicely sculpted. It is done in a couple separate pieces so it doesn’t look like one big clump of hair. His necklace is also nicely done and detailed.  The only downside is the sculpt of the shorts limits movement, but we will get in to that in the articulation section.

Paint 3/5

The paint job is pretty good. There is no slop and everything is pretty neat and clean. There is different shades of black and white which really helps it pop. The only downside is the paint on his face doesn’t match the skin tone of the rest of the figure.

Articulation 3.5/5

Sora has a ball jointed head and articulation in the shoulders, bicep, wrist, waist, hips, knees and ankles. When you first open him be careful as some the joint are stuck and you could break them if you force it too much. All the joints are pretty tight on mine except the ankles which are kind of loose. The sculpt of the shorts kind of hinder the movement of the knee joints. It also would have been nice to have articulation at the elbows to get more variety of poses.

Overall 4/5

Overall this is pretty great figure that captures the look of the Timeless River levels design. Sora fits in nicely with other figures of the Kingdom Hearts line. If you can find him at Walgreens I would get him. At the price point of $9.99(some Walgreens have the Kingdome Hearts figures at $5.99 now.) it’s a excellent addition to any Kingdom Heart collection!



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