Iron Fist Season 2 Soundtrack Out Now

To tie-in with the release of the second season of Iron Fist on Netflix, Marvel and Hollywood Records have released a new soundtrack featuring music that have been composed by Robert Lydecker.

Here is the full track listing for the Iron Fist Season 2 album:

1. Ceremony of the Fist (1:23)
2. Danny Trains (2:24)
3. Colleen’s Family Legacy (2:05)
4. The Dragon Within (3:20)
5. The Steel Serpent (3:48)
6. Wishing for Another World (1:38)
7. Brothers of K’un-Lun (1:48)
8. Mary’s Flashback (2:10)
9. Mary in the Rain (4:23)
10. The Blood of Shou-Lao (1:57)
11. Battle of the Fists (Part I) (2:39)
12. Battle of the Fists (Part II) (3:04)
13. Always Bonded (2:49)
14. The Yin and the Yang (1:57)
15. The Adventure Continues (Part I) (1:33)
16. The Adventure Continues (Part II) (1:08)
17. Epilogue (1:06)

Here is a look at the cover:


It’s available digitally to download and stream on platforms including Amazon


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