Hasbro Star Wars Panel At Fan Expo Canada Review

Inside of a small packed room at Canada’s biggest convention Fan Expo Canada, two members of Hasbro and one member from Lucasfilm were on hand to discuss all sorts of new products coming soon from one of the leading toy companies in the world.

It started with an entrance from some familiar faces from the Star Wars universe courtesy of the 501st Legion Toronto branch. The presentation began with some giveaways of some Star Wars Black Series products including some that were convention exclusive or not yet released in stores. I managed to win a Han Solo figure with Mynock figurine based off the Empire Strikes Back.

After the giveaways, they gave us a bit of a re-cap of the year’s figures so far before going into the juicy new announcements including a new Black Series figure for Ezra Bridger from the Star Wars Rebels animated series. Hasbro has no plans to retire these characters as fans suggested adding a Sabine Wren themed helmet to their role playing line of the Black Series. The Ezra figure will come with a Chopper figurine and will be the figure to incorporate a new three point system in the neck for more articulation than previous figures.

More Black Series figures were shown off based off the Solo movie including a Lando figure, now comes the question, how many capes will he come with ? Moving on, Hasbro announced a new line of Black Series figures entitled Archive that will re-release harder to find figures from the line’s launch including Boba Fett

The second major announcement came with the launch of a new line inspired by the Kenner figurines of the 1970s to the 1990s entitled Star Wars Vintage Collection which will continue the look of the Kenner line right down to the packaging, many characters were announced including Leia in her bounty hunter disguise which will utilize Hasbro’s new facial mapping technology that will allow the actors’ likenesses to be printed on the figurines for an authentic look.


One figure in particular that got fans excited was Darth Revan from the Expanded Universe

The panel concluded with a look at how the Black figurines were made from drawing to final product, the example shown was Luke from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. A lot of care goes into making these figures.


Lots of fun was had at the panel, even got to interview members from Hasbro and Lucasfilm for a video interview that will be posted at a later time. Stay tuned for my coverage of the Marvel Legends panel that was also held at Fan Expo Canada.


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