Hasbro Marvel Legends At Fan Expo Canada REVIEW

Right after the Star Wars panel, Hasbro held their Marvel Legends panel. Since we were required to leave and re-enter, I barely made it in being the very last person let in. The panel had some giveaways including the Black Panther mask, Deadpool Chimichanga blind bags and some Marvel Legends Avengers Infinity War 3 Packs.

The panel began with a recap of the year including the releases of Ant Man, Avengers , Black Panther and Into the Spider Verse and its associated toylines. Lots of great products coming out for the films, I am particularly interested in the Spider Ham figurine that will be released for Into the Spider Verse.

The panel mainly focused on the popular Marvel Legends line and its plans for upcoming products. Some new figures were announced including Mystique, Archangel, Sasquatch, Wendigo and particularly the one that got the most attention was Weapon X Wolverine which will be one of the hairiest figurines released in the Legends line.

During the panel, a very special prize was given out to a lucky fan ( folks had to look under their chairs for a Deadpool blind bag), it was a Thanos Infinity Gaunlet signed by the head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige.

As with the Star Wars panel, the panel concluded with a look behind the scenes of how the Legends line were made, the example shown was Wolverine as every process was shown incuding molding the face in Maya, 3D printing the prototype, hand painting and every process until final release. It was fascinating to see it all



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