Disney Comics Solicitations December 2018

Hello Mousketeers

The end of the year ( comic book solicits wise) is here and it is a rather light month from the Mouse of House. First up we have the first issue of the youth oriented Marvel line based off the Avengers along with the second issue of Spider-Man. Speaking of the Web Slinger, the newspaper comics are returning with a new volume collecting the strips from 1985 to 1986. Other superhero hi-jinks includes collected runs of the Incredibles comics from Dark Horse.

Duck Tales #6 brings us the adventures of a shrunken Webby as the others try to find a way to reverse the effects of a Gyro patented experiment. Disney Afternoon Giant #2 brings out the rest of the first arcs of the Kaboom Duck Tales and Rescue Rangers comics. ( Hopefully Duck Tales #3 got re-drawn)

Star Wars Adventures #17 brings us the rest of the new adventure based off the Disney animated series Star Wars Resistance. First Millions concludes with a look at how Scrooge copes in the construction industry. Not to worry, the regular Uncle Scrooge comic will return in January.

See you next month for more Disney Adventures




Avengers #1 
(W) Matthew K. Manning (A/CA) Jon Sommariva

A new era of all out Avengers action begins! A new team is formed to battle a mega-sized threat that is weider and wilder than any of the superheroes have met before! This new ongoing series will be the perfect opportunity for middle grade readers, and fans of all ages, to experience the thrilling adventures of Avengers comics for the first time!

Avengers stories that are epic, weird and above all: fun!
From the creative team that brought you the hit comic Title of Book!
Your favorite heroes along with surprise team members!

In Shops: Dec 12, 2018
SRP: $3.99
Disney Afternoon Giant #2 
(W) Warren Spector, Ian Brill (A) Jose Massaroli, Magic Eye Studios (A/CA) Leonel Castellani

Our brand-new series continues with two second chapters as we present part two of Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers’ “Worldwide Rescue” and part two of DuckTales’ “Rightful Owners!”

Serialized stories featuring your favorite classic Disney Afternoon characters!
This bi-monthly series will leave readers anxiously awaiting the next installments of these exciting adventures!

In Shops: Dec 05, 2018
SRP: $5.99
Duck Tales #16
(W) Steve Behling (A) Gianfranco Florio (CA) Marco Ghiglione, Christina Stella

Webby Vanderquack has a big problem: She’s shrinking right before everyone’s eyes! Find out why-and how-in the action-packed two-part tale, “The Incredible Shrinking Webby!”

More adventures featuring your favorite characters from DuckTales!
A special two-part story focusing on Webby Vanderquack!

In Shops: Dec 12, 2018
SRP: $3.99
Spider-Man #2
(W) Delilah S Dawson (A/CA) Fico Ossio

Readers of all ages can get tangled up in these all-new adventures of Spider-Man and his astonishing friends! Peter Parker has thrown down with deadly villains and legendary heroes, but high school life might be his greatest challenge yet! Luckily, he has a shot at making the grade with a little help from his new friends… Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy!

In Shops: Dec 05, 2018
SRP: $3.99
Star Wars Adventures #17 ( No Cover)
(W) Chris “Doc” Wyatt, Michael Moreci, Kevin Burke (A) Arianna Florean (A/CA) Valentina Pinto

Welcome to the Resistance! In the time before The Force Awakens, this all-new adventure follows the fledgling Resistance as it begins to realize the growing threat of the First Order! Based on Star Wars Resistance, an exciting new animated series coming to Disney Channel this fall!

Ties into the new Star Wars Resistance animated show coming this fall to the Disney Channel!
Written by Resistance show writers Chris “Doc” Wyatt and Kevin Burke!
Plus, an exciting new Flight of the Falcon story!

In Shops: Dec 19, 2018
SRP: $3.99
Uncle Scrooge: My First Millions #4 ( FINAL) 
(W) Fausto Vitaliano (A) Giampaolo Soldati (CA) Marco Mazzarello

It’s the last issue of our four-part miniseries detailing how Uncle Scrooge made his first millions! As co-founder of McDuck and Wreck Construction, Scrooge McDuck finds his business on less than stable ground. But will shoddy craftsmanship and a shady business partner lead to an unexpected windfall for our favorite miser? Find out in the action-packed conclusion!

The final story in a special four-issue miniseries featuring Uncle Scrooge as you’ve never seen him before!
Another brand-new Uncle Scrooge story makes its U.S. debut!
Uncle Scrooge returns to a monthly series starting with issue #41 in January 2019!

In Shops: Dec 19, 2018
SRP: $3.99



Amazing Spider Man Newspaper Comic Strips 1985-1986

(W) Stan Lee (A) Dan Barry (A/CA) Floro Dery

The woebegone web-slinger encounters problems that make Dar Harat seem like a sewing circle-if he can escape from their clutches, that is! Daily Bugle writer Jenny Sue Saxton arrives and falls for Peter Parker while trying to become Spider-Man’s biographer, even as Aunt May faces financial ruin in a very modern kind of bank heist. Mary Jane returns just in time to learn an important secret-and to introduce Peter to her Uncle Spencer Watson. Spidey’s reputation is under fire when he’s accused of pushing drugs. And in a story that rivals the classic “drug issues” of Spider-Man’s comic book, Stan Lee addresses one of the most heart-rending problems of modern times: child abuse.
Advance solicited for February release!
Continuing the first-ever chronological collection of the Spider-Man newspaper comics!

In Shops: Feb 13, 2019
SRP: $49.99


Disney Pixar The Incredibles 2 : Crisis in Mid-Life  and Other Stories TP                  ( Dark Horse)
(W) Christos Gage, Landry Quinn Walker (A) Various (A/CA) Gurihiru

In three original tales, the family of Supers face challenges of life and villainy-growing up, older, and into their special powers, as they fight together against the bad guys who make heroes like Bob, Helen, Dash, Violet, and Jack-Jack, necessary. When Mr. Incredible struggles to save the day after a villainous attack-and the dastardly Bomb Voyage escapes unscathed-he begins to question his Super powers. But when he discovers that he’s just getting a little older, Bob is inspired to look to the next generation of Supers, Dash and Violet, and begins training with them so that they can become the most incredible ever! Helen has reservations about the training, and when she sees Bob getting a little carried away after Dash and Violet make a couple of rookie mistakes, her fears are realized: intense Super training with their dad is souring Dash and Violet on the idea of becoming Supers. But the family must reunite . . . because Bomb Voyage is still at large!

In another story, Bob tells the kids a bedtime story that has Violet and Dash calling foul: this battle from his glory days seems too amazing to be true. They want to hear the real story-but they never imagined it would begin with their mom and dad’s super secret first date!

In Shops: Feb 20, 2019
SRP: $10.99
Disney Pixar Incredibles 2 : Heroes At Home HC ( No Cover)
( Dark Horse Comics)
(W) Liz Marsham (A/CA) Nicoletta Baldari

While their mom and dad-Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl-are both taking on new and very different jobs, Dash and Violet are doing their best to help out! First, Dash and Violet become sudden and secret superheroes when they interrupt criminal activity on a routine grocery trip to pick up some essentials! Then, helping out at home, their efforts to keep up on their chores are unknowingly obstructed by the innocent mischief of their little brother, Jack-Jack!

In Shops: Nov 07, 2018
SRP: $7.99



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