Venom Soundtrack Track List Announced

With Marvel’s Venom hitting cinemas next month, the track list for the soundtrack has been released, featuring an original score by Ludwig Goransson.  The album will be released digitally on October 5th, which is when the movie is released.

A physical edition will also be released later on October 19th.

Here is the track listing:

1. Space Exploration
2. Symbiotes Arrive
3. First Contact
4. Eddie’s Blues
5. Run, Eddie, Run
6. What’s Wrong With Me
7. Panic at the Bistro
8. Humans… Such Poor Design
9. Self Defense
10. Pedal to the Metal
11. Eyes, Lungs, Pancreas
12. You Want Up?
13. Venom Rampage
14. Annie, I’m Scared
15. Parasite
16. Unexpected Ally
17. Battle on the Launch Pad
18. You Belong With Us


You can pre-order this album now from retailers including Amazon


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