Review: D-Select Lilo & Stitch Statue (Beast Kingdom)

For today’s review, I take a look at the Lilo & Stitch D-Select statue from Beast Kingdom. Featuring Stitch (playing a guitar) and Scrump, this D-Select statue is part of an ongoing series which has featured other Disney and Pixar classics like Toy StoryAlice in WonderlandWreck-It Ralph, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Stitch is one of my all-time favorite Disney characters, and I got this statue as a belated birthday gift from a couple of my fellow Disney fanatic friends who celebrate Experiment 626 along with me.

This statue has a lot of great detail, especially with all of the foliage. It’s a great addition to my Disney collection, and might be the first of many D-Select pieces in it.


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