Funko NYCC Shared Exclusives Details Announced

Funko have reconfirmed what US retailers will be selling the New York Comic-Con exclusive figures, which include many Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and Fox franchises.  

These items are produced in limited quantities and tend to sell out fast, so be prepared.

Here’s the full list of shared exclusives that will be released over the course of NYCC:
Rock Candy: Disney Comfy Princesses – Pocahontas
Mini Vinyl Figures: Disney – Mickey Mouse (Black/White) (2 Pack)
Pop! Marvel: Black Panther – Okoye (Red Dress)
Pop! Movies: Fantastic Beasts 2 – Augury

Pop! Television: SNL – Doug & Steve Butabi (2 Pack)
Pop! Television: Game of Thrones – Beric Dondarrion (w/Flame Sword)
Pop! Television: Supergirl – Supergirl
Pop! Harry Potter: Series 5 – Hermione (w/Sorting Hat)
Pop! Television: Game of Thrones – The Creators (3 Pack)
Pop! Television: Brady Bunch – Jan & George Glass (2 Pack)
Pop! Movies: The Predator – Predator (Fade Out)
Vynl.: Rushmore – Max & Hermon (2 Pack)
Pop! Rides: Toy Story – Pizza Planet Truck
Pop! Marvel: Spider-Woman
Dorbz: Marvel – Ironheart
Pop! Television: New Girl – CeCe Parekh
Pop! Movies: Justice League – Superman (Chrome) (3 Pack)
Pop! Harry Potter: Series 5 – Professor Quirrel
VYNL: Hanna Barbera – Huckleberry Hound and Snagglepuss (2 Pack)
Rock Candy: The Royal Tenenbaums – Margot
Pop! Animation: Hanna Barbera – Jabberjaw
FunkO’s Cereal: Scott Pilgrim – Knives Chau
Pop! Movies: Scott Pilgrim- Katayanagi Twins (2 Pack)
Pop! Animation: Hanna Barbera – Dum Dum
Pop! Animation: Hanna Barbera – Baba Looey
5 Star: DC – Batman (Golden Midas)
Vynl.: Gremlins – Gizmo & Gremlin (2 Pack)
Pop! Marvel: Thor Ragnarok – Korg and Miek
Pop! Marvel: Marvel Studios 10 – Shuri (Chrome)
Pop! Games: Fallout 4 – Assaultron
Pop! Heroes: Justice League – The Flash and Superman (2 Pack)
Pop! Games: Overwatch – Reinhardt (6″)
Pop! Disney: TaleSpin – Shere Khan (Plotting)
5 Star: DC – Harley Quinn (Pink/White)
Pop! Animation: One Piece – Brook
Pop! Television: The Flash – Killer Frost
Pop! Animation: Dragon Ball Z – Great Ape Vegeta (6″)
Pop! Movies: Coraline – Coraline in Pajamas
Pop! Marvel: Venom – Carnage (w/Tendrils)
Pop! Star Wars: Clone Wars – Captain Rex
Pop! Animation: Tokyo Ghoul – Eto in Bandages
Pop! Television: Doctor Who – Vashta Nerada (Glow)
Pop! Heroes: DC – Wonder Woman (1st Appearance)
Rock Candy: The Shining – Grady Twins (2 Pack)
Vynl.: Coming To America – Akeem & Randy
Action Figure: Married with Children (4 Pack)
Pop! Animation: Rick and Morty – Gearhead
Pop! Heroes: Aquaman – Arthur Curry
Pop! Animation: Dragon Ball Z – Vegeta (Chrome) (Blue)
Pop! Heroes: DC – Batman (Chrome) (Orange)
Pop! Television: Teen Titans Go – Beastboy (Metallic)
Pop! Garbage Pail Kids: Adam Bomb (Metallic)
Pop! Rocks: Notorious B.I.G. (Crown w/Glasses)
Pop! Movie Moment: Hulkbuster vs. Hulk

Pop! Disney: Mickey’s 90th – Little Whirlwind Mickey
Pop! Disney: Kingdom Hearts 3 – Sora

Will you be adding any of thse to your collection?


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