Funko Review: Disney Treasures’ Under the Sea (Hot Topic Exclusive)

When Funko announced that their Disney Treasures Subscription service would move to Hot Topic stores, I will admit that I had my doubts. How limited would it be? What would be the quality of the boxes? Would it stray away from the inclusion of Disney Parks elements? With the release of the first box, themed “Under the Sea”, I think my questions have been answered. Let’s check it out.

Opening up the box, I can see that one this is different from the start: there are no patch and pin that were in the subscription box. I felt that they were a fun addition to the previous boxes. Instead, when I opened this box, the first thing I see is the collectible Mini Tin, which looks to have, at least for now, been kept around.

In great tying into the theme, sitting on top of the “shiny” pile of treasure in the chest is a Mini from Moana… which is Moana dressed up as a distraction to the treasure hoarding crab, Tamatoa.

Opening up the rest of the box, first up are two items from Finding Nemo, a little Nemo magnet, and a Pearl Super Cute Pen Topper.

Last up is the Pop! for this box, which is a beautiful Disney Movie Moment entitled “Finding Your Voice”, and featuring Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

To be honest, when I heard that Ariel would have an actual mouth on this Pop!, I was on the fence. Funko is known to not worrying about mouths, especially on humanoid characters. However, with a Pop! entitled “Finding Your Voice”, not having a mouth would probably be an issue. Now that I have seen the Pop! up close and in person, I really like it.

I also really like the waves in the back of the piece, which have a glittery, shimmering look to them… something that the pictures failed to really capture.

Overall, while there is more of a disconnect to the Disney Parks than even the weakest of the Disney Treasures subscription boxes, I will give it to the Funko and Hot Topic teams to for creating a strong premiere box for this new chapter in the line. The Pop! is beautiful, and the other items are fun. Additionally, the box wasn’t SO limited that I had a hard time finding it. In fact, though sold out online, some stores still have it in stock, as well as the newest box in the line, “Villains”. I am looking forward to the future of this line, and excited to see what comes in future boxes.


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