Review: Disney Toybox Mickey & Jack Skellington

For today’s review, I  check out the first two releases in the Disney Toybox line of action figures from the Disney Store: Mickey Mouse and Jack Skellington.

Before we take a closer look at these releases, I wanted to note how excited I am for the continuation of this line, which will include Ralph and Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph, and Baymax and Hiro from Big Hero 6. These are strong characters and I can’t wait to see them in this action figure form.


Mickey Mouse

Mickey, with multiple points of articulation, comes with his trusty dog Pluto, who has only one point of articulation at the neck.

Jack Skellington

Jack, like Mickey, has multiple points of articulation andcomes with Zero, also having only neck articulation.

Jack did have a heard time standing on his own, especially if I tried to pose him too much. Aside from that, these are great figures and a lot of fun. I might be a little biased based on my love for the old Disney Infinity series of video games, which these designs are based off of. However, I am sure this line, similar to the Pixar Toybox one, will be popular for the holidays.

If you would like to add these figures to your collection, they are available over at the website, along with other figures from the Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars lines.



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