National Geographic Pairs Contemporary Photography with Historic Collection in “THEN AND NOW” Flash Print Sale

A dedication to visual storytelling has been at the core of National Geographic for over a century, and to celebrate this legacy, National Geographic Image Collection has launched a flash sale of prints, FROM THE ARCHIVES: THEN AND NOW. The flash sale will feature 20 contemporary and historic works from National Geographic’s historic vault of images. Prints will be available to buy as signed or stamped 8” x 10” unframed prints, priced at $100 (USD) each at

Each archival work is thematically paired with a contemporary take on the same subject by some of the most renowned National Geographic photographers and artists. From modern day Tokyo to small town living, to endangered animals and big game hunters, these works highlight artistic connections between the living masters of photography and the groundbreaking artists of National Geographic’s past. Contemporary photographers taking part in the sale include Joel Sartore, David Guttenfelder, Jodi Cobb and Jimmy Chin.

The sale, presented by National Geographic Image Collection (formerly Nat Geo Creative), is a tribute to National Geographic’s legacy of capturing the world’s most iconic and inspiring imagery. National Geographic is overseeing the production of the premium, unframed prints, which will be made on acid-free archival paper and signed by the respective photographer or, for historic prints, stamped with the National Geographic seal.

“For the latest flash sale, FROM THE ARCHIVES: THEN AND NOW, our editors have created pairs of images that reflect the heart of the National Geographic Image Collection,” said Alice Keating, SVP of Photography Business Strategy at National Geographic Partners. “Some are historic firsts in photography, milestones that changed the artform forever; others are photographs charged to inspire conservation and some are light-hearted looks at everyday life. With this flash sale, everyone has the opportunity to own visual treasures from one of the world’s most significant photographic collections.”

The FROM THE ARCHIVES: THEN AND NOW Flash Sale is live online from October 5, 9 a.m. EDT through October 13, 11:59 p.m. EDT.


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