Classic Alien ReAction Action Figure Sets Coming Soon

Super 7 have announced three new Alien ReAction action figure sets, which have a retro style and each figure stands 3.75 inches tall.

These retro-style plastic figures feature several points of articulation and are packed in a USCSS Nostromo themed window box.

  • Set A includes Ash with removable head, Ripley with Jonesy the Cat, and Kane Spacesuit with Facehugger and cracked helmet.
  • Set B includes Dallas, Lambert, and a Blood Splattered Xenomorph.
  • Set C includes Brett, Parker, and a Blood Splattered Xenomorph.

Here is a look at these sets:

These figure sets are priced at $44.99 each and can be pre-ordered from retailers including Entertainment Earth for a release in November.


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