Hulkbuster & Hulk Marvel Toybox Battle Set Out Now In Europe

Recently we shared an image of a new Hulkbuster Toybox action figure, but today, Disney released a new Marvel ToyBox Hulkbuster and Hulk Battle Set, which includes two Toybox action figures, Hulkbuster and the Hulk.

It also comes with a drain pipe accessory, plus if you push the Hulkbuster helmet up, it will Tony Stark.  The Hulkbuster also features light and sound.

The set is priced at £34 and is currently only available in Europe at, but is expected to be released in the US soon.

While the Hulkbuster action figure is brand new, the Hulk figure has previously been released.  This continues the trend of releasing new Toybox sets with previously released figures in them, which is pushing up the cost for collectors.



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